I am a painter and would like to introduce my newly founded fashion brand, featuring my
creative skills: “No Style”, a collection of my designs and handiwork printed on fine garments
and accessories
Having 30 years of art experience and counting, I feel ready to branch out into artisanal fashion and
debut with a new venture to pump new life into my creative journey
I only crafted unique pieces to preserve and enhance the idea of the uniqueness of the
As much as I spend all my soul and devotion into my artwork, i design clothes with the exact same

My art captured on unique pieces designed exclusively for the wearer.
No Style comes from a provocation: (No woman) No Style. The brand is aimed at all
women, especially those who want to dress with a one-a-kind flair, while embracing taste
and elegance
Bright colors blend in with soft and sinuous lines, creating a bespoke and outstanding
Pick the image of your choice in the “works” section: I will build a serie of 3d models out of it, to
allow you select the one which suits you most. Only then we will print and have it packed ready for


Foulard stampato su satin confezionato a mano cm.135×100
foulard handiwork printed on satin cm.135×100